Description of Jimmy’s first photo

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Credit: Image © Durham Record Office (The Bugle, 27 October 1899, p.3045)


This page from 'The Bugle' magazine mentions a recent photograph of Jimmy Durham, taken around the time of his enlistment into the regiment in July 1899. It goes on to describe the first photograph of Jimmy taken 13 years earlier in 1886.


'The Bugle' was the The 2nd Battalion The Durham Light Infantry's own magazine, published between 1894 and 1902, while the battalion was in India.

Transcript of Description of Jimmy’s first photo

"...Through the kind thoughtfulness of Lieut. Colonel Paget, several old friends have received copies of Bugler Durham's photo, and write in grateful acknowledgement of same. Amongst others Mr. Francies, (late Sergeant Major) Sergeant Major Fisher, and Colour Sergeant Taft got copies, and all of course notice a great change in 'Jimmy' since they were serving with us. 'Jimmy' was first photographed nearly 13 years ago. He was then a little dot of 3, and was taken with the Sergts. at Kasr-el-Nil Barracks, Cairo. Copies of this group are now becoming very rare, and of the fifty three who appear in it only four remain with us to-day - viz Qr. Mr. Sergeant McBain, Sergt. Pearson, Sergt. Harper and 'Jimmy'. Our little Soudan Trophy is squatted between Sergeant Major Francies' legs, and is supported on the right hand by Colour Sergeant Smith of F. Coy. and on the left by the late Colour Sergeant of E. Coy. 'Jimmy' wears the Egypt medal, and even at the early age of 3 has quite a martial air..."

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